US-DOL increases funding for the development of the “Paraguay Okakuaa” program to prevent child labor

Imran, 11, holds a tool as he works at a factory that makes metal utensils in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Sunday, June 12, 2016. The World Day Against Child Labor, which was initiated in 2002 by the International Labor Organization to highlight the plight of child laborers, is observed across the world on

In partnership with the Paraguayan Ministry of Labor, Paraguay Okakuaa is strengthening the enforcement of labor laws in agriculture in the Department of Guairá and providing educational and livelihood opportunities for families vulnerable to child labor, particularly young women. And in response to the government’s political will to address forced labor, the project is now expanding efforts to the Chaco, a significant cattle- and beef-exporting region. By addressing labor issues in global supply chains, particularly in the beef sector, the project will help ensure a fair playing field for U.S. goods in global export markets.

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Photo credit AP Images