Voting in U.S. Elections

Your vote counts! Did you know that many U.S. elections for house and senate seats have been decided by a margin smaller than the number of ballots cast by absentee voters? All states are required to count every absentee ballot as long as it is valid and reaches local election officials by the absentee ballot receipt deadline.

Most Americans who reside abroad are eligible to vote in U.S. elections. Eligibility depends upon the laws and regulations of your State of residence in the United States.

To vote absentee, U.S. citizens living outside the United States must be registered to vote, and must request an absentee ballot.

Many states have online voter registration and, if available in your state, a link to registering online can be found on You can also accomplish both tasks by completing a Federally-issued combination voter registration application and absentee ballot request form known as the Federal Post Card Application, or FPCA. This form, along with key State-by-State instructions, is available on the Federal Voting Assistance Program website at A quick reference on how your FPCA can be submitted is located on this site: Due to the lack of international mail service currently and the uncertainty as to the future status of the mail service, we strongly encourage all citizens to use one of the electronic submission options to register and request an absentee ballot as soon as possible.

Be sure to follow your State’s instructions carefully when completing the form and sending it to local election officials in the United States. The FVAP website and the Overseas Vote Foundation website,, have wizards that help you complete and address your FPCA. If you are unsure where you lived in the United States, or where to send your application, the Embassy’s voting officer can help you. Write to for assistance.

The Voting Assistance Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Asuncion is available to answer questions about absentee voting.

To contact the Voting Assistance Officer, please visit the Embassy’s website at or send an e-mail to

Please register through STEP to receive updates regarding the status of mail service and other important voting information from the Embassy.

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