Notarial Services

The U.S. Embassy Asuncion is providing routine notarial services. These services are offered by appointment only. To make an appointment for a notarial service please use ouronline scheduling system.

If you arrive at the consulate without an appointment, you will be asked to return after securing an appointment.

Consular Officers provide a service similar to the functions of a notary public in the United States. Notarial services are available to all U.S. citizens and foreign nationals with documents for use in the United States.

If you have multiple documents to be notarized, you only require one appointment for that day. There is no fee to make an appointment, but you will need to pay a $50 USD fee for each notary signature by the consular officer.

On the day of your appointment, you must:

  • Bring the complete, unsigned documents to be notarized. Even if there are pages that do not require signature or seals, you must present the entire packet.
  • Present a valid government-issued ID such as a passport, driver’s license, Paraguayan cedula.The name on the documents must be the same as the name on your ID.
  • Pay $50 USD per notary seal (payment accepted in cash – U.S. dollars, Paraguayan guaranies, or major credit card).
  • Be of sound mind and understand the document you want notarized. Consular staff is not permitted to explain contents to you.
  • If your notary service requires a witness, you must arrange for your own witnesses. Consular staff cannot witness your documents.

Allowable Documents

The following documents can be notarized at the U.S. Embassy by appointment:

  • Real estate documents
  • Affidavits
  • Powers of attorney
  • Forms for U.S. courts
  • Savings bonds

Things to consider:

The Embassy is prohibited from issuing apostilles or authenticating U.S. or Paraguayan-issued documents, such as birth, marriage or death certificates, or driver’s licenses. For details on where to obtain an apostille on a Paraguayan document, please click here.  For information on where to obtain an apostille on a U.S. document, please click here.


If you are not sure if your document can be notarized at the Embassy, please email The subject line of your email should state “Notarial Question” and the email should include information about the type of document you wish to have notarized and where it will be used. We will inform you whether the document can be notarized at the Embassy.