Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

U.S. citizens in Paraguay are subject to Paraguayan laws. A U.S. consular official cannot get a U.S. citizen out of jail or act as an official translator or interpreter.  Consular officials will visit and monitor the condition of U.S. citizens who are jailed or incarcerated outside the United States.

If you are arrested while in Paraguay, ask the authorities to notify the U.S. Embassy immediately. Paraguayan officials are obligated to notify the U.S. Embassy of your arrest. In certain circumstances, consular officers may be able to assist you in contacting your family or friends, if you provide written consent for that contact. If you are arrested, a consular officer will visit you and provide you with a list of local attorneys. The U.S. Embassy may also be able to coordinate the transfer of money from family or friends to pay legal fees and personal expenses while you are jailed or incarcerated.

List of Attorneys PDF(165 KB)