The Paratesol 2018 convention for English teachers closed with great participation

PARATESOL, The Association of Teachers of English in Paraguay, with the support of the Embassy of the United States in Asunción, Paraguay held the Second Edition of the Convention of PARATESOL 2018 “Bridging Expectations and Realities”, in which English teachers from Asunción and the interior of the country, participated in Professional Development sessions in English by speakers from the Regional English Offices (RELO – Regional English Language Office), from the United States and Peru.

The invited speakers presented pedagogical updates and innovations in the teaching of the English language. During the activity, there was also the collaboration of local professionals and representatives of Pearson, Macmillan and Richmond publishers from Argentina and Uruguay, with great experience in teaching language as a foreign language who shared their knowledge and proposals.

Participants received educational support materials and access to virtual pages with high pedagogical content to contribute resources to be used in their classes on a daily basis.

The convention was held on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19 at the premises of the Stael Ruffinelli Institute of Ortiz English, Villa Morra.