Second edition of the Parkranger course by local professionals and the University of Colorado.

Start: Thursday, March 23, 08:30 – Hotel Cerrito (Benjamín Aceval, Ruta Transchaco Km 46.5)

On Thursday, March 23, at 08:30 at the Hotel Cerrito located in Benjamín Aceval, Chaco will be held the opening ceremony of the 2nd Training Course of Ranger Park of the National System of Protected Wild Areas (SINASIP) of Paraguay.

This is the second edition of an unprecedented initiative in Paraguay, with the participation of professionals from the prestigious Colorado State University, USA, who are part of the group of facilitators of the course, along with other local professionals.

The Ranger Training Program is a cooperation initiative between the Ministry of the Environment and the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund, within the framework of the Nature Debt Swap Agreement signed between the Governments of Paraguay and the United States of America .

About the Ranger Training Program

This program aims at the instruction of 100 park rangers through four intensive courses to be taught between 2016 and 2017. Each course will have a duration of 288 hours, with a practical approach that includes training activities in three wild protected areas of The Eastern region and one of the Chaco.

The first edition of the course took place between August and October 2016, when the first 25 rangers were trained. This second edition will be extended until the end of May and the third edition will begin in August of this year.

The Colorado State University Center for Protected Area Management (CPAM), an institution with more than 50 years of experience and leadership in research, teaching, training, and technical assistance related to the world of areas Protected the design of the training. CPAM consultants, together with SEAM technicians, NGOs, UNA, and with the participation of protected park rangers, designed the training course. The design of the training took into account the needs identified by the interviewees, in addition to the relevant documentation.

The Secretariat of the Environment is the entity responsible for the administration and management of public protected wilderness areas in Paraguay, and the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund is the entity that manages the Nature Debt Swap Agreement. The establishment of the Debt Swap Agreement offers Paraguay the possibility of reducing its external debt and generating funds in favor of the conservation of forests for a total amount of US $ 7.4 million, which will be disbursed until 2018.

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