Ambassador Bassett visits the Mbaracayu Nature Reserve and surrounding areas

U.S. Ambassador Leslie Ann Bassett paid a visit to the Mbaracayu Forest Nature Reserve and surrounding areas. During her first tour to this important remnant of the Atlantic Forest, Ambassador Bassett visited the surrounding communities of Santa Rosami and Chupapou that are developing water management models with support from the USAID. During her tour, Ambassador Basset had a pleasant meeting with the Chupapou Aché indigenous community, in the Department of Canindeyú. This indigenous community consists of 130 families living next to the Mbaracayú Reserve.

During the meeting, community leaders presented examples of their culture, such as the interpretation of the typical cry of lament “pre’e”, and the shooting of a bow and an arrow. The Ambassador also took the opportunity to make a book donation, with books in Spanish and English in order to promote cultural exchange and encourage reading habits in children and youth from Chupapou Aché community.