Exchange Programs

The U.S. Government sponsors various educational, academic and professionals exchange programs. These programs seek to promote the free exchange of information and ideas, thus increasing mutual understanding between the citizens of the United States and Paraguay.

Fulbright Visiting Student Program is open to Paraguayan university graduates  in the arts, engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. This program supports study for a master’s degree program at a U.S. university for up to two academic years.

Brings accomplished mid-level professionals to the United States for a year of graduate-level non-degree academic coursework and professional development activities. By providing future leaders and policy makers with experience in U.S. society, culture, and professional fields, the program provides a basis for lasting, productive ties between Americans and their professional counterparts overseas.

Summer Institutes are six-week academic programs for highly-motivated and experienced university faculty and professionals from institutions of higher learning, with little or no recent study experience in the United States.

Six-week academic programs for young university students of indigenous decent who are leaders in their communities are invited to participate in intensive academic programs whose purpose is to provide groups of undergraduate student leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States, while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills.

It is designed to support the application process to U.S. higher education institutions for students who are highly qualified but are unable to cover the expense of applying. The Funds cover the costs faced by talented but financially disadvantaged international students who are not eligible for or funded by other US Government-sponsored exchange programs.

Our premier exchange program that takes outstanding underserved youth to the U.S. for three weeks, giving them unique insight into American Society and cultivating them as future leaders committed to service and bettering their communities. Upon their return they work on a community service project.  Since the beginning of the program in 2007, sixty two Paraguayan students have participated.

  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program provides ten months of non-degree academic study and related professional experiences in the United States. Humphrey fellows are selected based on their potential for leadership and their commitment to public service in either the public or the private sector.

The Youth Leadership Program of the Americas (YLAI) is an initiative of the State Department that broadens the opportunities and empowers emerging entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and activist leaders of civil society to contribute effectively to the social and economic development of Their communities.

The YLAI professional scholarship holders carry out the following activities:

4-week scholarship in the United States: where, in relation to American mentors experts in your area, acquire professional development skills in organizations or companies in their field.

The Entrepreneurs Institute: the selected scholars will expand their leadership, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in a virtual way and the face-to-face trainings that complement their scholarship in the USA.

Summit in Washington D.C .: young entrepreneurs will participate in a three-day conference and networking event with senior US government officials and leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Sustained Commitment: After successfully completing the U.S. Scholarship and the YLAI Institute for Entrepreneurs, fellows will continue their collaboration with US partners, and will have access to professional development opportunities, mentoring, networking and ex- students. YLAI professionals will also be eligible to receive innovation small grants to start and fund their entrepreneurship activities, travel travel funds, and the opportunity to host a US mentor to share knowledge and broaden their understanding of climate In the countries of origin of YLAI professionals.

Free support for anyone who wants to study in the U.S. The advisor provides information and advice on all aspects of studying in the U.S. from locating a school to navigating the admissions process to looking for scholarships.