Thomas Edison American Corner


Thomas Edison American Corner (TEAC) is an American space which offers, free and to all public program content in six key areas : Learning English Language , Educational Counseling Studies and Exchanges in the United States , cultural programs , alumni activities, information on the United States, and entrepreneurship .


The TEAC involves the community in activities and events that invite to critical thinking , promote educational exchange , reinforce learning , create opportunities , and foster friendship between the peoples of the United States and Paraguay.


  • Interactive English Language lessons.
  • Conferences with national and international experts.
  • Reading club.
  • Conversation Club.
  • Film debate.
  • Dynamic workshops.
  • Videoconference.
  • Contests.
  • Competition.
  • Talks on study opportunities in the United States.
  • Activities with schools and colleges.
  • Active participation in Educational Fairs.
  • Special celebrations on American and Paraguayan holidays.


  • English Language teaching.
  • Student Advising on courses in the United States.
  • Cultural Programs.
  • Activities with US Government alumni.
  • Information about the United States.
  • Entrepreneurship.

Resources Available  

  • Books.
  • Magazines.
  • Diccionaries.
  • Movies in English and Spanish.
  • Ipads.
  • Educational games.

Attention Scheule 

Monday through Friday:  9 am to 8:30 pm

Saturdays:  8 am to 12 pm

Contact Information

Phone Number: +595 21 58 87 148

E-mail Address:

Address: Centro de Información y Cultura de la Facultad Politécnica. Campus de la UNA – San Lorenzo

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Twitter: @edisonamericanc