Franklin Roosevelt Library and Computer Lab

Roosevelt Library is the Paraguayan-American Cultural Center’s (CCPA) Library.

Founded 70 years ago, is one of the few countries’ libraries that is public, has free access and allows its members the services for home loans of books, magazines, movies and documentary DVD’s.

It has a collection of about 38,000 volumes, 30% in English and 70% in Spanish covering a vast variety of topics.

Besides the headquarters, the Roosevelt library has branches in Villa Morra, San Lorenzo, Ciudad Del Este and Encarnación, and dinterlibrary loans among all 5 sites are encouraged.

All branches have access to computers with internet access, Wifi, specialized internet search, and members are proudly invited to visit the recently launched modern computer lab at the headquarters.

In addition, the Roosevelt Library provides access to the virtual “eLibraryUSA”, promoted by the Unite States Department of States tough its embassy in Paraguay.


 CCPA’s Roosevelt library serves the community by providing access to information and promoting culture through support for education and academic research.


  • Lending of books, movies, documentary and magazines in English and Spanish.
  • We offer a large and pleasant area for reading, study, realization of practical work and school and university research.
  • Reference Service: library orientation to search any material.
  • Computer Lab and WIFI free connection.
  • Educational and cultural workshops for the community (oratory, drafting, application program, chess club, others).


Phone number: +59521224831 /+59521214544

Cell phone: +595982357076

E-mail Address:

Open Hours

Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Saturday from 07:45 a.m. to 01:00 a.m.


Asunción: Avda. España 352 e/ Brasil y EE.UU

Villamorra: CapitáBrizuela 761 (+59521600872)

San Lorenzo: Nilo Meyer c/ Bs As (Ph.: +59521576780 – +595985617901)

Encarnación: J. L. Mallorquín esq. Constitución (+59571203500)

Ciudad del Este: Bernardino Caballero 754 (+59561518601)