Eastern Airlines Charter to Miami on April 23 – U.S. Embassy Asuncion

Dear U.S. Citizens in Paraguay, 

Eastern will offer a direct sales charter departing Asuncion for Miami on the morning of Thursday, April 23. Eastern is in the process of obtaining permissions for the flight and the exact time may shift.  The ticket price is $1600. Two pieces of checked luggage up to 70 lb (31 kg) each are permitted with each ticket and a third and fourth piece of checked luggage are permitted with payment of an additional fee. Please note Eastern’s website incorrectly indicates a charge for a second bag; this flight is an exception. Passengers are entitled to two bags and you should not pay for a second. You should check the luggage weight limits of any airlines you may be connecting to in Miami to ensure your luggage meets their requirements as well. Pets including dogs and cats are permitted on the flight. The pet fee is $150. Eastern is offering a larger aircraft for this flight so persons who were not able to secure a seat on the now-cancelled April 20 flight are welcome to reserve seats for this flight.

To reserve your seat on the April 23 Eastern flight to Miami, please click here: http://book.goeasternair.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us at ParaguayACS@state.gov.  Thank you.