Competitive funds to promote common objectives and exchanges – PD Small Grants Program 2018

The Embassy of the United States of America in Paraguay is pleased to announce the 2018 Call for the program “Competitive Funds to Promote Common Objectives and Exchanges – PD Small Grants Program” whose prize per project ranges from US $ 3,000 to US $ 15,000. which can be financed up to 27 months. The proposals can only be presented in English following the directions of the call No. SPA10018GR003-WHA-12132017

Deadlines for the three calls:

  • 1st Thursday, February 1, 2018
  • 2nd Tuesday, May 1, 2018
  • 3rd Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Program of “Competitive funds to promote common objectives and exchanges between the United States. and Paraguay “seeks to collaborate with individuals and / or nonprofit organizations in Paraguay. Any project that is contemplated with these funds must have an important element of American culture (eg incorporates speakers / American artists, educational or academic materials from the United States, etc.). The fund seeks to facilitate the implementation of programs aimed at improving communities, providing new opportunities for citizen participation, and promoting and developing issues of public interest, in relation to (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Prepare young people with limited resources to become future leaders in the global economy through educational exchange, English language programs, entrepreneurship or STEM-related activities.
  • Improve transparency and accountability in government using online public data portals, social networks, traditional media and other forums.
  • Promotion of human rights, especially through the inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities and ethnic, gender and / or sexual minorities.

List of representative activities:

  • Academic and professional conferences; public seminars and programs clearly linked to one or more of the three funding priorities of this call.
    Professional training workshops, training for young people and low-income communities clearly linked to one or more of the three funding priorities of this call.
  • Professional and academic exchanges that are clearly linked to one or more of the three funding priorities of this call.
  • Artistic and cultural workshops, joint performances and exhibitions clearly linked to one or more of the three funding priorities of this call
  • Travel of speakers / public talks by US experts or round tables by specialists from the United States with their peers from Paraguay

List of activities and projects not generally contemplated for the granting of cooperation and exchange funds. This list includes, but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Social welfare projects, acts of charity or international development projects,
  • Investments that mainly benefit one or a limited number of enterprises or people,
  • Proposals whose budget includes salaries or current expenses,
  • Proposals that are inherently political in nature or present the appearance of party support or election campaigns of a single person or a single political party,
  • Proposals whose main objective is the publication of books / brochures / internet sites / applications,
  • Scientific research projects,
  • Projects whose implementation requires more than 27 months,
  • Purchase of equipment, construction or construction materials,
  • Exchange programs with countries other than the United States and Paraguay,
  • Political party activities, and
  • Projects that promote specific religious activities.

This initiative was developed to support projects of non-profit organizations, cultural, educational and other institutions and / or persons from Paraguay and the United States, that respond to the goals and objectives of the United States Embassy:

Expand opportunities for cultural and educational exchange that provide audiences in Paraguay, especially to young people, women and marginalized communities, a deeper understanding of US policies. UU and the values ​​shared between both peoples.

The funds will be granted up to a maximum of USD $ 15,000. Applicants are recommended to detail in their proposal the following aspects of the project: counterpart of the organization interested in the project costs, if there are public-private partnerships or cooperation with other organizations to carry out the project or innovative means to implement savings of costs.

The Press and Culture Section reserves the right to grant funds for an amount greater or less than that stipulated, if it is considered that this will benefit the interests of the government of the United States. In general terms, up to 20% of the funds granted as final payment are retained, in order to guarantee that the final reports are presented by the beneficiaries of the same. All applicants who have received cooperation and exchange funds for their projects will receive this information at the moment of granting them. Each applicant can submit up to one (1) project per call cycle.

All proposals submitted under this call will be evaluated and qualified by the Grants program evaluation committee of the US Embassy. of America in Paraguay. The conditions that make up the evaluation criteria were conceived to evaluate the quality of the project and determine the probability of success. The conditions are closely related to each other and are considered in an integral way when evaluating the total quality of a proposal. The applications will be evaluated according to their totality, coherence, clarity and attention to detail. The decisions related to the selection of the proposals are final and can not be appealed. No information will be provided on why the projects were not selected or on the qualifications of the projects by the evaluation committee.

Projects from organizations that do not prove legal status will not be received. In those cases in which the signer of the agreement is an agent of the organization, the same must have sufficient powers to subscribe agreements on behalf of the organization.

Organizations selected to receive cooperation and exchange funds must have a valid registration number in current DUNS registration (obtained through, prior to the effective delivery of funds.

In addition, the organizations that apply to receive cooperation and exchange funds must be registered in the web system “System for Award Management (SAM)” at the moment of applying. It is mandatory for any organization or NGO that applies for assistance agreements to be registered at SAM website. Individuals do not need to register with SAM.

Instructions here

It is recommended to send the proposals as far in advance as possible and suggest applying at least four months before the estimated implementation of the project. Participating organizations / persons may submit up to one (1) project for each call cycle.

Required reports: All funds granted under this program require the submission of programmatic and financial digitized reports with a frequency specified in the grant agreement (Grant in English). The disbursement of funds may be subject to the timely submission of said reports. Likewise, the other details related to the administration of the funds will be specified in the aforementioned Grant agreement.

Before submitting your proposal, use the following checklist:

– Proposal in full English (proposals presented in Spanish will not be evaluated)

– Complete and signed form SF424

– Detailed budget in American dollars

– DUNS Registration Valid

– SAM Registry

Attention: If the presentation of the proposal is after the first or second deadline established, it will be automatically evaluated in the next call. In the case of the third call, proposals submitted after the established date will not be evaluated.

For more information or inquiries, please contact the following email address: